If you are the gift recipient:

Either the gift sender hasn't completed this gift order yet (with SmartGift the gift sender completes the gift order after the gift recipient accepts), or the NOOK book was accidentally added to the gift sender's NOOK library during order completion instead of yours.

If you are the gift sender:

Have you completed this gift order yet? If not, please look out for the purchase link and complete this gift order now. During checkout, please make sure to mark the item as a gift and have it sent to the gift recipient's NOOK account email.

If you have completed this gift order and you have an order confirmation from Barnes & Noble, it is possible that this NOOK book was accidentally added to the wrong NOOK library during checkout, possibly your own. In that case, please contact NOOK Support directly at 1-800-843-2665 or by email form at https://help.barnesandnoble.com/app/ask to have this NOOK book transferred to the recipient's library.