SmartGift provides an e-gifting solution on our brand partners' sites.

Step 1. Present a gift link

Gift senders can generate a gift link to an item that they can present to the gift recipient by email, text, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

Step 2. Recipient views and accepts

Recipients click the gift link in the private message on their phone or computer, scratch open the gift wrap and preview their gift. They can then choose their color, size, style, if applicable, or select a different item altogether from similarly priced items. Recipients enter their preferred shipping information and can also choose a convenient date for their delivery ( Family of Brands).

Step 3. Complete the gift purchase

Gift senders are notified with a purchase link to complete the gift order after the recipient has accepted the gift. The gift is shipped after the gift sender has paid.

What the recipient sees

Try it here

Click this link and send yourself a gift. Once sent, unwrap the gift and explore swapping options. When you have finished, simply let the gift link expire. You will not be charged unless you'd like to make yourself a little gift and complete the gift purchase after you accepted your own gift.